Weekly Pop-Up Medication Organizer

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 For many people, remembering to take a daily medication can be the difference between life and death. Can't remember if you took your pills yesterday? It is a problem when you have important anti-hypertensive,anticoagulant,insulin, vitamins, and supplements to take. If you get your prescription filled and don’t take actions to make sure you take your medications correctly and on time, you are undermining your treatment and potential progress either in curing your ailment or effectively managing it.

 The easiest method for organizing your medications is a pill box. Once a week, you will put aside some time to organize your pill box by putting your medications into each little container for each day. Not only does this practice ensure that you take all of your necessary daily medications, but it is a great way to make you have already taken your medications or not.You can buy pill box at Classic Expression.store.

They come in many varieties of different sizes, colors, and shapes to ones that lock or are easy-open. There are even pill boxes available for people who need to take medication 3 times a day or more. The pillbox is also a great way of seeing just how often you forget to take your medicine. You can’t argue with yesterday’s pill that is still sitting in the box.


Luckily, you can easily dispense and organize daily medicine with this amazing deal for a weekly pill organizer! We sell two kinds of pill dispenser. Visit our store to view them. We only show one picture.


  • Durable plastic construction
  • 7 stackable compartments
  • 4 segments per compartment labeled: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bed time
  • Slide compartments in and out of housing like drawers
  • Compact size is perfect for medicine cabinet or on the go
  • Dimensions: 1.85" x 3.15" x 4.15" 


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